Website Update

Just four months after a complete overhaul of this website, another overhaul has been made using a template designed from the ground up.

I believe this template offers not only a cleaner and more streamlined site, but one far more in theme with existing Jason's PC Services advertising and promotional material.

It's good to have the computer repair guy image back on the site again, I kind of missed him when I made the first overhaul of the site a few months back and left him out.

I've made some minor changes to the layout only, moving this blog section to its own area away from the front page of the site, keeping it for a general round-up for the business front end rather than a blog style page.

The login/registration system has been made more obvious in the hopes that my customers will choose to register an account on the site and start to make use of the additional features membership offers such as the forums. Your local community can be your greatest resource in learning how to get more from your computer, and a forum such as this which is limited to your local community can help you make new contacts and discuss your computing interests with like minded locals.

As more people make use of these members only features I'll add additional articles and features that might help answer yours, and others questions and problems. Don't forget, if you have specific things you'd like to know, you can make a forum post and ask myself or other members of the site.

If you encounter any problems on the site please don't hesitate to let me know either next time you talk to me, or via email from the contact page.