Protecting your Equipment

After the recent storm activity at the end of November it is a good time for a reminder of how easy it is for your valuable electronic equipment to be damaged beyond repair by lightning strikes.

The series of storms which hit overnigt at the end of November destroyed many people's computers, modems and other electronic equipment. In most cases, none of the equipment was disconnected from wall sockets, including phone lines to ADSL modems.

The simple act of unplugging from both power and phone sockets likely would have saved this growing list of lost hardware, and it was good to see that in most cases, computers were disconnected from power sockets. Modem's however suffered a higer loss, and mostly due to their connection to the telephone wall socket rather than power.

So it's always a good idea to unplug your modem's connection at the wall socket (or at the back of the modem). Also, while your at the task as a storm approaches, remember your television as well, both power and antenna.

While your equipment might be covered by contents insurance, its as much the inconvenience as the expense of replacing your electronic equipment.